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是次活動設有多輪環節,當中包括開場前的互動式社會實驗、潮語競猜、嘉賓分享,以及深化參加者交流的小組討論環節。是次講座有幸邀請到澳門小姐、澳門網紅「畢家四姊妹」中的「細妹」Guiomar Pedruco畢渼琪小姐,以及Soler樂隊主唱、澳門藝術創作者Giulio Acconci夏利奧先生進行分享。兩位嘉賓在多語及多元文化背景下長大,大談成長路上因語言而遇過的各種趣事、需要克服的困難、以及對於母語定義的看法等,啟發大家對自身母語及其對身份認同影響的思考。


To promote the exchange and discussion of mother tongue and self-identity, the Macau Model United Nations Promotion Association (MMUNPA) and Macau Language Exchange & Culture Promotion Association (LECPA) co-organised a small interactive workshop on May 8th.

The event featured a number of sessions, including an interactive social experiment, a slang guessing game, guest sharing, and group discussions to enrich participants' exchange.

Two guests were invited to the event: Ms. Guiomar Pedruco, Miss Macau and local influencer, and Mr. Giulio Acconci, the vocalist of Soler and local artist. Growing up in a multilingual and multicultural environment, the two guests shared various anecdotes and challenges encountered, and reflected on their mother tongue and its impact on their identities.

The event attracted more than 30 university and secondary students and youth professors to join in-depth discussions on topics including the definition and conservation of mother tongue, how slangs can portray local culture and customs, the issue of foreign language coverage, and the transmission and conservation of Macanese language Patuá, as well as Cantonese.

During the discussion, participants also shared their perspectives on the importance of languages and dialects in their own development, cultural preservation, and shaping a distinct city. The organizers hope to improve participants' understanding of their mother tongue and slangs, strengthen their sense of identity, and raise community awareness of mother tongue with this event.

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