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United Nations Traineeship Experience Sharing Session

Last night, the "UN Traineeship Experience Sharing Session" was successfully held by the mentees of the Student Ambassadors Programme. We were honoured to have five UN trainees who have worked at different offices to share with us about the structure of the UN, how to apply for traineeships and the extraordinary moments at the UNESCO Offices in Venice, Paraguay, Peru and Cameroon, as well as the UNHCR Mafraq Sub Office in Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan🇺🇳! Participants were very enthusiastic in raising further questions when the speakers shared their interesting stories reflected on social issues and policies 😆😆😆😆

As one of the speakers said, "No country can stand alone, no (sustainable development) goal can be ignored, as they are all interconnected". This is also the aim of MMUNPA to grow global concern in this local context as a Macau citizen.

This event is part of the Student Ambassadors Programme for secondary school students and is organised by the mentees. If you would like to become our member, please click on the link in our bio for more details. We look forward to seeing your applications🇲🇴🌏

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