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Student Ambassadors Programme

In order to cultivate an awareness of current affairs among local secondary school students, enrich their extra-curricular knowledge and broaden their international perspective, we have set up the Student Ambassadors Programme, which consists of three learning stages. It aims to provide a platform for students from different local secondary schools to acquire International knowledge and collaborate.

In this programme, our association applied the implementation of apprenticeship in establishing connection between mentors and mentees. Our mentors are all experienced in different areas and received their education from elite institutions around the world. Mentees would be able to receive knowledge under the programme but also from the mentors. We provide more than the programme but discovery of hidden possibilities.

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Phase 1 - Training Course

The first phase of the programme is delivered in a training format to enhance mentees' understanding of the Model United Nations and strengthen their skills. The programme covers the rules of the Model United Nations, document writing, international relations theories and publicity design.


Phase 2 - Experiential Learning

In the second phase, mentees will be divided into three teams specified in different areas: event planning, academic research, and public relations, and will be involved in a variety of events such as organising current affairs salons, round tables, writing social media posts, media design, etc. It is a time for them to put their learning into practice.


Phase 3 - Self-initiated Project

After training and experiential stage, mentees will unleash their potentials to organise activities to promote the Model United Nations and its culture in Macau in phase 3. The process will be completed by the mentees under the guidance of their instructors.

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