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📍Secretary-General’s message to Model UNs around the world

Model United Nations has always been a platform for people to express their opinions. Nowadays, our world needs your participation and ideas.

The covid-19 pandemic, rising cases of poverty and hunger, the situation of rising inequality, and a surge of mistrust and misinformation are polarising people and paralysing societies. Geopolitical divisions disrupt international cooperation.

But we can turn things around.

For this, we need a more inclusive and networked multilateralism. That's why the United Nations has launched a new initiative: Our Common Agenda.

One of the core elements of developing a collaborative society is ensuring that young people are fully involved in designing our common future. The world needs your energy, courage and commitment. As we work to build a sustainable, inclusive world for all. Model United Nations will be the stage for everyone to speak and bring hope to the world.

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