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Period Positivity Youth Forum @Asia

Last week, our Period Positivity Youth Forum @Asia was successfully held.

We were honoured to have two speakers from Hong Kong and Macau joining us. In the online meeting, our speakers first gave an introduction about their advocacy work. Then, participants joined in the discussion with their unique insights about menstruation. Some of us think that menstruation is very powerful, it represents strength and nurtures lives that it is our ignorance that labelled it as a taboo. Some of us also think that menstruation is an issue for everyone. Even if you are not menstruating, you are in relationships with someone who menstruates. Hence, it is important that we educate ourselves with the correct knowledge about period, so that we know how to treat others with respect.

This event is one of the regular events held by the Macau Model United Nations Promotion Association. Please click on the link on the profile page for more details for signing up as a member. We look forward to seeing you joining us and continuing to participate in the events we hold!

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