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📍Chagall Windows @United Nations Headquarters

Marc Chagall windows, also known as "peace window”. It is a set of medieval stained glass windows designed and produced by Marc Chagall and Charles Marq. This set of glass windows is 358 cm high and 538 cm wide and it is located in the western side of the UN Headquarter public lobby. For more details. This set of glass windows contains symbols of peace and love, which are presented in a painted way.

Chagall windows can be divided into three parts. The window on the left portrays nude humans and animals floating at random in blissful ignorance in a peaceful universe. The central window depicts an energetic group of human beings, which towards the right top corner amasses around the cross of Christ. The window on the right shows a tree. Above this city from the top part of the tree a large angle hands out the Ten Commandments, and below is a couple with a baby.

The Marc Chagall glass window is a gift from Marc Chagall to the United Nations to commemorate the death of Dag Hammarskjöld, the second secretary-general of the United Nations, in an air crash in Africa. It was also a gift to all those who had lost their lives in the cause of peace.

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