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💡1st Macau Model United Nations Conference - The chairpersons and academic adviser

Here comes the chairpersons and academic adviser of the English Committee- SOCHUM😍

✨學術顧問 Academic Adviser

譚達賢先生 Mr. Dennis Tam

澳門地理暨教育研究會 副監事長

Geography and Education Research Association of Macau

Vice-President of Supervisory Council

✨主席團負責人 Dais Head

張灝鈞 Calvin

澳門大學 英文教育

The University of Macau English Education

✨主席團成員 Dais Member

蔡依華 Deborah

英國華威大學 哲學政治及經濟

University of Warwick Philosophy, Politics and Economics

✨主席團成員 Dais Member

陳建平 Ryan

教業中學 Kao Yip Middle School

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