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📍April Current Affairs Lounge

This evening, the Current Affairs Lounge on "Freedom of Expression and International Cyber Terrorism" was held by the Mentees of the Student Ambassadors Programme with a very enthusiastic response 🇨🇳🇲🇴

During the online session, the facilitators first touched on the definition of the topic. They then introduced 'freedom of expression' by citing legal treaties and using mind maps, and 'international cyber terrorism' by quoting news examples and sharing relevant measures of countries and organisations. It was followed by a discussion of the topic, with participants actively expressing their views on the topic: some suggested that the government should promote awareness among all age groups; some believed that it was important to understand the different attitudes of Eastern and Western countries towards terrorism; some felt that the government should control virtual money and capital flows💵

This event is one of the regular events held by the Macau Model United Nations Promotion Association. The process is planned and organised by the mentees of the Student Ambassadors Programme. Please click on the link on the profile page for more details about signing up as a member. We look forward to seeing you joining us and continuing to participate in the events we hold!❤️‍🔥

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