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2nd Macau Model United Nations Conference

It aims to provide an international platform for secondary school students from Macau and the region to develop their strengths, explore and analyse current affairs and international issues, broaden their international perspectives, develop their critical thinking skills, and enhance their leadership skills. It is also hoped that this event will enhance the academic and community involvement of the Model United Nations in Macao.

1st MMUNPA Newsletter

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The Macau Model United Nations Promotion Association, the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Saint Joseph and the Macau Social Development Observation Center jointly organized the "Second Macau Model United Nations General Assembly". The event was held in a parallel online and offline mode for the first time, attracting 132 secondary school and university students and 20 volunteers from Macau, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan.
The event is co-organized by the Macau Geography and Educational Research Association, Macau Education and Youth Development Bureau, Macau Ricci Society, Macau European Studies Society, Macau Caritas, Macau Speech Professional Association, Macau Teacher Volunteers Association, Macau Food and Environmental Health Society, Supported by the Zero Distance Cooperative, Professionals and Graduate Lectures, Macau Elderly Volunteer Service Association, Macau Diversity Development Promotion Association, and Macau Language Exchange and Cultural Promotion Association, the event aims to build an international platform for secondary school students to develop their talents through exploration and analysis. World current affairs and international issues will broaden international horizons, cultivate critical thinking skills, enhance students' team spirit and leadership skills, and hope to enhance the academic atmosphere and social participation of "Model United Nations" in Macao through activities.  
The conference has a total of three offline and one online venues, including the Macau Legislative Council discussing the "Law on Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence" (Cantonese), the United Nations Committee on Human Rights and Culture discussing population aging and the construction of an age-friendly society (English), The Commission on the Status of Women discusses the protection of women’s rights (English), freedom of dress and empowerment, and the United Nations Security Council discusses threats to international peace and security posed by acts of terrorism (Mandarin).
During the event, six "Haojing Gathering" academic lectures and two opening and closing lectures were held, with themes covering cultural conservation, economy and war. Dr. Yang Min, a researcher at the United Nations University in Macau Research Institute, delivered an opening speech titled "Walking with Youth". In her speech, Lin Siyu, Vice Chairman of the Model United Nations Promotion Association and Secretary-General of the Model United Nations Conference, said that as a youth organization member of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), the Macau Model United Nations Promotion Association has been committed to cooperating with like-minded peers and experts around the world. We strive to promote sustainable development and innovative solutions locally and globally, and hope that attendees can break out of their thinking boxes and practice the association's purpose of "injecting world thought into this place". At the closing ceremony, Mr. Liu Tingfeng, Coordinator of SDSN Youth Hong Kong, served as the guest speaker.


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