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📍The first global survey of balance and harmony

74.3% of respondents around the globe preferred a calmer life to an exciting one. It is particularly high in poor countries, especially in Africa, where the actual level of calmness is low.

For the first time, the Gallup World Poll 2020 asked questions on the experience of balance in life, feeling at peace, experiencing calm, preference on a calm or exciting life, and the focus on caring towards others or self.

Tracing back the history, balance/harmony have been particularly associated with Eastern cultures. However, does that mean they are undervalued by the rest of the world? In fact, there are salient concepts around balance/harmony globally, such as Aristotle’s ideal of the “golden mean”. Besides, current trends such as “balanced diet” and “work-life balance” are also receiving attention in the literature. Happiness can sometimes be defined as “a condition of “psychological balance and harmony” and the most prominent psychological definition is one of “inner harmony” that features themes of inner peace, contentment, and balance. Hence, the concept of balance, peace, and calm is bringing insights to happiness and life satisfaction.

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