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Speaking Technique Sharing

In the Model United Nations conference, public speaking is a very important part, where we express our demands and move the meeting forward through our speeches. However, how to express their ideas accurately and attractively within a limited time has always been a hardship for many representatives who are new to MUN. Here we will present you with a presentation technique to help you overcome your speaking difficulties.

First, we could start our speech with a hook, which can be a short story, or a statistic related to the topic. For example, a speech at an environmental forum could use the hook "Every six seconds a forest the size of a football field is destroyed" to hold the attention of others in the audience with shocking data.

Afterwards, as you are pressed for time, you should focus your speech around a point, such as the position and policy of the country you represent on the matter.

The end of a speech is often the most difficult. If we want to continue our speech, we can throw in an action at the end of the speech, e.g. suggesting what role your country wants to play in the issue, or throwing the action to the conference so that they can issue a paper and continue the discussion on the topic ......

The flexible use of Hook, Point and Action will certainly improve your speech, but just as there is no universal formula for mathematics, there is no perfect 'formula' for speech. The only way to really improve your speaking skills is to keep thinking and practicing

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