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How to write a position paper?

Position paper is always the first document you will have to write when participating a MUN conference. Check out the tips and structure of a position paper. Don’t forget to share with your friends!


1️⃣Topic Background

- Definitions of the topic

- Overview: Where does it take place? Who is involved? How many affected?

2️⃣Past International and Regional Action

- Any important resolutions and treaties?

- Any past conferences that addressed the topic? How is the progress?

3️⃣Country Policy and Action

- What is the stance of your country? And What actions have your country tried to implement?

- Any preferences on certain topics or policies that your country would like the UN to work with?

4️⃣Possible Global Solutions

- ggest specific (and evidence-based, could be innovative) plans for the Conference to discuss and for the UN to undertake.

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